Brainguru Technologies Pvt. Ltd. always focuses on proper employee management and enables satisfaction. To resolve the issues related to employee management, PMS (Payroll Management System) is brought into attack. PMS is always focused to deal with all the aspects of the Payroll Process. PMS provides a user-friendly interface with high interoperability. The up gradation of PMS is quite easy and is capable of meeting all the needs and requirements of the organization irrespective of its size.

Modules Regarding PMS

The development of PMS is based on several modules as listed below:-

  • Administrator
  • Payment
  • Online Test & Its Assessment
  • Reporting
  • Employee Management

Key Features:-

  • An effective tool of providing complete information related to profile of employee's
  • Helpful in maintaining the overall payment process.
  • Provides Automation
  • Guarantees Accuracy
  • Taxes Deductions


  • Provides an user-friendly interface.
  • Low errors and optimized results.
  • Faster retrieval of information.
  • Provides Sound ROI (Return on Investment).
  • Helpful in Retrieving Old Reports.